We have tailored our services to meet the concerns and needs of our clients. Working exclusively for teachers and school district employees for the past 25 years has enabled us to develop a solution to meet your unique needs. Our business model was designed to provide teachers with the best retirement planning options available. We have a custom solution that works with your current STRS/PRS pension to increase your monthly retirement income as well as provide you with more flexibility in the future.

Our Business Model Protects our Clients
Other companies are typically structured to be vendor specific, meaning they only represent one company’s products. The problem that arises with this model is that clients can be sold inferior products that may benefit the representative more than the client. If you were going to buy a new television wouldn’t you shop around at more than one store? As a counter to this model, we have created a business model that allows us to provide our clients with many options. We are able to do this because we represent over 150 different companies. This allows us to provide our clients with some of the best financial products available on the market today.

Under this model our financial advisors are able to take on more of an educational role instead of a sales role. Our solutions sell themselves and we are ready to prove it to you. We know that you are busy so we make every effort to meet around your schedule. A lot of our clients like to meet with us at their schools during their planning periods or at lunch.

The choices you make today regarding your retirement are some of the most important decisions you will make. You understand the importance of education, so take this opportunity to learn more about securing your future. It doesn’t mater if you are planning on retiring tomorrow or in 15 years, today is the day to take control of your future.

Take this opportunity and schedule an appointment with one of our financial advisors. Our services are free and we work around your schedule so make an appointment today.